Wool Week 1

ZQ Merino – Hand selected for you

What is ZQ Merino?

ZQ Merino brings together nature’s most beautiful and high-performance merino fibre with the world’s leading brands.

The ZQ Merino programme was launched by The New Zealand Merino Company to help people understand that their textile choices could be a reflection of their beliefs – you are what you wear – and that Merino, done the right way, was a smart and sustainable choice.

For New Zealand’s high-country Merino growers, ZQ Merino provides a means to differentiate their fibre, showcase its remarkable benefits, and drive long-term, sustainable value. Growers show their commitment to the ZQ Merino ethos by meeting the highest standards in the areas of animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability, along with delivering premium quality “fit for purpose” fibre.

This fibre is then hand-selected for some of the world’s best brands, providing them with a premium, natural component backed by integrity and the story of its origin. For these brands, ZQ Merino provides a complete solution to their fibre requirements through a commitment to PARTNER, PERFORM and PROTECT.

Nature Always Wins

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