In nature we trust


Not all Merino is created equal

ZQ Merino is different. It brings together dedicated experts throughout the supply chain to transform nature’s finest Merino fibre into high-end luxury and performance garments.

Our community of grower suppliers are the first step in the process that delivers beautiful, soft, high-performance ZQ Merino garments to people around the globe. Our growers are a diverse bunch, but they share a common passion and dedication, and a goal of producing the best Merino fibre available.

Kaitiaki - guArdianship for the sky, the sea, and the land

ZQ Merino is grown the most beautiful alpine, sub alpine and select coastal grassland areas in the world and our growers have developed systems to maximise the production of high quality Merino fibre with minimal impact on nature by embracing kaitiaki.

Māori (who are the first people of New Zealand/Aotearoa) believe there is a deep kinship between humans and the natural world. This connection is expressed through kaitiaki - guardianship for the sky, the sea, and the land.

ZQ Merino is a reflection of this belief. The men and women who grow ZQ Merino regard themselves as guardians of the sky, the sea, and the land which they underpin through their world class eco-standards.